No More One Fave Daily, Join our Fave or Dog Systems

Hi everyone,

I’ve come to the decision that this One Fave Daily system is too volatile for my liking (I’m more a fan of designing systems that maybe have fewer “big wins” but more wins and rise over the long term) and I’m shuttering it.

I hope you’ve enjoyed it while it lasted.

If you’d like to follow along with my 2 other systems (they are 100% free to follow along and see all the results and performance data, etc), which DO get fairly steady Return on Investment (about 10%).

Four Faves

I choose 4 games every day (or less, if there are less in a league that day) and cap and stake the faves.

Here are some performance graphs for you:

Top Dogs

I *also* calculate the optimum stake for the underdogs in the same games as the Four Faves system (if you’re into this, your book may let you bet both sides of a game, or use two books).

Here are performance graphs for Top Dogs:

If I start testing another system that shows promise, I’ll do it for free again…. subscribe to Top Dogs or Four Faves to get notified about that when it happens.

Have a great day, and best of luck in ALL your future bets!

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